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Listen to Dr. Bill Evans and other cancer care specialists as they discuss a variety of practical cancer-related topics to help navigate prevention, treatment and care.

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Multiple Myeloma: What is it, And Can It Ever Be Cured?

Join us as we talk with Dr. Ronan Foley, a specialist in hematology. Dr. Foley explains what multiple myeloma is, current treatment options, and the promising research that may lead to a cure in the future.

Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer podcast episodes feature experts who discuss early signs, screening programs, surgical management, and post-operative therapies. Learn about the importance of early detection, risk reduction, and treatment options from leading professionals. Click here to listen.

Lung Cancer

Leading experts discuss the latest advancements in lung cancer treatment. From improvements in radiation therapy and systemic therapies to the promising role of immunotherapy, our episodes cover cutting-edge developments that enhance patient outcomes. Click here to listen.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer episodes provide insights into treatment decision-making and advancements in care. Clinical specialist share expertise on lymphatics, lymph nodes, and lymphedema, offering valuable information and hope for those newly diagnosed. Click here to listen.

Prostate Cancer

We discuss changes in how prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated. Listen in as we talk about new treatments that are available, and how these treatments are performed. Click here to listen.

Cervical Cancer

We shed light on the crucial topic of cervical screening for cancer, a life-saving preventive measure. Join us as we delve into the importance of regular screenings, the science behind the procedure, and the impact it has on early detection and treatment of cervical cancer. Click here to listen.

Children and Cancer

We provide valuable insights and support for families facing a challenging cancer journey. Learn effective communication with children about a loved one’s cancer diagnosis and explore coping strategies for stressful situations. Learn about what a cancer diagnosis means for families and how palliative care is evolving to better meet their needs. Click here to listen.

Brain Cancer

We talk about the different types of brain cancer, and some of the exciting new ways that it can be treated. Click here to listen.

Liver, Pancreatic and Bile Duct Cancer

Join experts as we discuss the latest research developments, treatment options, and preventative strategies. Learn about advancements in managing these cancers, including insights into surgical techniques and ways to improve overall health. Click here to listen.

Kidney Cancer

An enlightening discussion on kidney cancer, also known as renal cell carcinoma. We discuss the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, and surgical treatment options. Click here to listen.

Cancer and Mental Health

Discuss coping with the psychological, emotional, social, spiritual, and functional impact of a cancer diagnosis on the patient as well as the caregiver. Click here to listen.

Nutrition and Cancer

Join us in a discussion on the importance of nutritional support for cancer patients. Click here to listen.

Cancer Treatment and Care

Join us as we discuss improved approaches to prevention, screening, treatment, and supportive care, providing a hopeful outlook for the future. Episodes cover a range of topics, including the benefits of occupational therapy, effective pain management strategies, and the importance of a holistic approach to patient care. Learn about the critical role of pharmacists in managing new treatments and medications, and gain valuable insights into comprehensive cancer care from leading experts. Click here to listen.

Cancer Prevention and Lifestyle

Explore the vital role of healthy living in reducing cancer risk. Episodes cover a range of topics, from strategies for smoking cessation and the benefits of physical activity to sun safety tips and the impact of alcohol on cancer development. Join us for expert insights and practical advice on making lifestyle changes to lower your cancer risk and improve overall health. Click here to listen.

Hematologic Malignancies

Delve into innovative treatments and the latest advancements in oncology. Our episodes cover specialized topics such as stem cell transplantation, CAR-T cell therapies, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Learn from leading experts about the role of the immune system, innovative treatment options, and cutting-edge research aimed at improving patient outcomes. Click here to listen.

Financial and Practical Aspects of Cancer

We discuss the potential financial impact of a cancer diagnosis, including out-of-pocket costs and how to prepare for them. We also delve into understanding insurance coverage, explaining the differences between personal health insurance and provincial healthcare coverage, and highlighting key factors to consider for protecting yourself and your family. Click here to listen.

Patient Stories and Perspectives

Hear stories of diagnosis, treatment, and resilience, such as a young woman’s journey with stage 4 lymphoma and her evolving outlook on life. We discuss common questions and future changes in cancer care with leading oncologists and reflect on the evolving field of oncology, including the impacts of COVID-19. Click here to listen.

Palliative Care

Explore the evolving landscape of end-of-life support and care. Our episodes challenge stigmas, demystify common myths, and provide a deeper understanding of comfort and support for patients and their families. Hear from experts who share best practices and insights on navigating life-changing diagnoses, offering practical advice to make tough conversations easier. Click here to listen.

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