Nutrition and Cancer

Healthy eating habits are important during and after cancer treatment. Dr. Bill Evans is joined by Janna Boloten, Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Science Advisor, Abbott Nutrition, in a discussion on the importance of nutritional support for cancer patients.



Join us for this important discussion with Janna Boloten, Nutrition Science Advisor at Abbott Nutrition. Attitudes around pre-operative nutrition are beginning to change in the medical field. The importance of effectively feeding the body before surgery is being recognized as a way to improve patient recovery, especially for cancer patients. Janna will provide us with an in-depth view of the best practices for planning a diet for surgery and how to implement these techniques in an accessible way.

Join us today as we speak with Sarah-Eve Loiselle, Nutrition Science Associate at Abbott Nutrition. We talk with Sarah-Eve about solutions for helping to get cancer patients properly hydrated. Sarah-Eve shares her expert insights in this fascinating and informative episode.