About Us


A community where people affected by cancer receive assistance and support in their time of need.


The Cancer Assistance Program is a community-based, not-for-profit organization, led by a team of volunteers and staff, offering free services to ease the physical, emotional and economic impact of those in our community affected by cancer.


CompassionClients and their loved ones are provided with the services which most effectively meet their identified and unique needs, services which are offered without discrimination and with sensitivity, empathy, dignity and respect. Members of the organization demonstrate such compassion in all attitudes and behaviours exhibited both publicly and privately.
CommitmentA commitment exists to deliver the highest quality service, through the dedicated effort of every team member, with the goal of achieving the greatest client outcomes.
ConfidentialityClients, donors, volunteers and staff have the right to and are afforded privacy and confidentiality as well as security of their personal information.
TeamworkThe diversity of experience, knowledge and skills of volunteers and staff is valued and collaboratively blended, resulting in a unified team working towards achieving shared goals and committed to building effective working relationships and strong partnerships within the community.
Responsible StewardshipCommitted to sustaining the mission and working towards achievement of its vision, the organization uses its resources responsibly by:

  • effectively, efficiently and ethically managing all funds raised, human resources and property;
  • considering the present, short-term and long-term impact that all decisions and actions have on stakeholders and the broader community; and
  • acquiring, preserving and sharing knowledge and information as appropriate.