Palliative Care

Melissa Chadwick, Lead for Palliative Care Implementation at Ontario Health, joins us to explore the evolving landscape of palliative care within our healthcare system. She challenges stigmas surrounding end-of-life care and provides a deeper understanding of comfort and support for patients, their families, and loved ones.



Today we talk with Dr. Samantha Winemaker, Associate Clinical Professor at McMaster University in the Department of Family Medicine, Division of Palliative Care. She is the Medical Co-Lead of the Hamilton Community Palliative Care Team and an active trainer of palliative care education to medical students, residents, and clinicians. Dr. Winemaker helps demystify some myths around palliative care, and addresses the uncomfortable feelings that can come with end-of-life discussions. She shares her knowledge and best practices for patients, caregivers, and practitioners to help make this tough topic easier for everyone.

Dr. Sammy Winemaker and Dr. Hsien Seow join us to talk about their new book: Hope for the Best, Plan for the Rest: 7 Keys for Navigating a Life-Changing Diagnosis. From the book: “The doctor’s office called. It’s not good news. What comes next? When you are diagnosed with a life-changing illness, it can be overwhelming. While your diagnosis cannot be changed, the way you experience your illness can.” Dr. Winemaker and Dr. Seow thoughtfully navigate the conversation about what a life-changing diagnosis can mean, and the ways in which they hope to change healthcare by offering options to help patients explore end-of-life possibilities.