Cancer and Mental Health

Dr. Bill Evans welcomes Dr. Karen Zhang, C.Psych. to discuss coping with the psychological, emotional, social, spiritual, and functional impact of a cancer diagnosis. We also explore the common emotional concerns of cancer patients and their families through COVID-19.



Today we talk with Dr. Danielle Petricone-Westwood about psychosocial oncology. We dive into the mental health effects of a cancer diagnosis on patients and their loved ones. We learn about how patients and their caregivers can get the support they need, and best practices to do so. Struggles with mental health can compound the effects felt during cancer treatment, but no one has to face it alone!

We’re joined by Sandra Kesselman-Hardy, a Professional Social Work clinician for almost forty years, to discuss what can be a difficult topic; terminal cancer. Sandra highlights that the effects of cancer are not only physical but emotional, with feelings of fear, anxiety, and grief following diagnosis. We discuss the importance of end-of-life conversations and the many ways support and counselling can help. Pulling from her experience as a professional social work clinician, and sharing stories from her personal life, Sandra thoughtfully discusses the complex nature of palliative care, MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying), and terminal diagnosis.