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Volunteer Testimonials and Quotes

What CAP’S Volunteers Are Saying:

volunteer 1“I enjoy volunteering….I have spare time that I want to put to good use….the people here are so nice and I enjoy coming in every week. I also like that every day you get to see the impact you make on the lives of others.”
Dave D., Equipment Technician Volunteer


volunteer 2“I love that I get to meet new people all the time and help them cope with what I went through myself. It means a lot that I can help ease the burden of our clients’ having to find transportation to the hospital for treatment.”
Fran W., Volunteer Driver, Breast Cancer Survivor

volunteer 3“Though we see a lot of sadness, the CAP house is a friendly and cheerful place to come. Each day is different and you feel good when you can help the people coming in. You get to see how our services help ease the day-to-day worries for our clients and their families. And you also hear many success stories from people who find themselves cancer free. All of this has kept me coming back for 20 years.”
Soosie S., Volunteer Drive & Ride Coordinator

volunteer 6“Having worked in a nursing home for 32 years and losing friends and family to cancer, when I retired I wanted to help in any way I can. Since I enjoy driving, I decided to become a volunteer driver – I really enjoy meeting and offering support to our clients.”
Carolyn S., Volunteer Driver

volunteer 5“I learned from an early age that cancer devastates not just bodies but entire families. CAP gives me a sense of purpose, a way to contribute to limiting the devastation and lightening the load for individuals and families dealing with this disease. It is a constant pleasure to volunteer with a group of people who see a need and meet it – no fan fare, no red tape, no wait list and no financial cost to our clients.”
Ruth R., Data Collection Volunteer

volunteer 4“As a CAP volunteer, I find it very rewarding to be able to help people at a very stressful time in their lives. I like that their needs can be met immediately in most cases and always at no cost to them. It is lovely to see people’s expressions relax as they realize they have one less thing to worry about.”
Eileen S., Client Services Volunteer

“A friend asked me to buy a ticket for CAP’s annual gala and she told me all about CAP and the services it provides. I decided I that I would like to volunteer and help out with the program. Two years later, I’m still here!”
Kathleen S., Client Services Volunteer