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Client Testimonials

What CAP’S Clients Are Saying:

“On behalf of [my family], I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the support we received this past year for our mom. The loan of a tremendous amount of equipment made it possible for mom to come home and stay at home, safely and comfortably. When we needed more equipment, the answer was “of course!” and when mom’s walker needed maintenance, you accommodated our schedule and made it happen. Mom passed away …but was able to live out her days in the comfort of her home. For your part in enabling us to grant her that wish, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.”
Daughter of CAP client
Larry Fleming and his loving daughter Sarah

Larry Fleming and his loving daughter Sarah

“After you register (with CAP), you call them and tell them what you need each week (for parking) and you book for the whole month. They ensure a permit is available when you need it. I never had a problem. My calendar was secured and it took such a weight off of my back…I mean they were amazing! Apart from the sickness and (Larry’s) condition, I knew I had a parking spot and they were wonderful in that little house (CAP). If they (the Juravinski Cancer Centre) needed him to come earlier for a treatment, I don’t remember a single time when it was a problem for CAP to help me get a permit the last minute…saved me money, and more than that, they gave me peace-of-mind.”
Jo and Sarah Fleming – wife and daughter (caregivers) of a CAP client

“Most chemo days, Dad was driven by George (CAP volunteer driver) – an elderly man old enough to be Dad’s dad which I think he found difficult initially, but that changed as their friendship grew. “Vince!” George would announce. “You’re looking good today. Your chariot has arrived,” he’d grin, holding the door to take Dad to the cancer centre.

Vince, Lena’s late father and CAP client, in his younger years

Vince, Lena’s late father and CAP client, in his younger years

“I’ll never forget George. Steel blue eyes that smiled even if the rest of his face wasn’t. A sense of humour that lightened the heaviness of what we were all dealing with. A commitment to our Dad and our family as a CAP volunteer that allowed us to relax a little, and put the focus on Dad’s wellbeing in other ways. Dad passed nine months later than the doctors said he would, and my sisters and I genuinely believe the support from George and others at CAP was instrumental in his ability to live so much longer.”
Lena Montecalvo – daughter of a CAP client

“Without access to your parking for my daily treatments and all of my other appointments, my family would have been financially devastated, in addition to having to deal with everything else over this past year. I don’t know that there’s any way we could ever repay what you’ve done for us.”
Recent client, currently in remission

“Thank you for inviting [my husband] and I on your client cruise.  The water has always been one of his favourite things…..I can’t remember the last time I saw him smile and relax the way he did last night.   This will likely be the last time we go out together like this.  Thank you for this memory…..May god bless you and all your volunteers….for all you do.”
Wife of a CAP client

“They are such friendly staff (at CAP) and always helpful to us. They have eased the physical burden for my mom, and for other patients like her in lessoning the confusion associated with her condition and when having to select the appropriate equipment. CAP not only met my mom’s needs but exceeded them as they have for other people too. They are very good.”
Frank G., son and caregiver of CAP client