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Drive and Ride Program

The Cancer Assistance Program’s Drive & Ride Program provides free transportation to and from cancer-related medical appointments. All transportation is coordinated and provided by trained volunteers.

The Drive & Ride Program is made possible through the generous support of our community partners and individual donors.*

Presenting Sponsor – $5000 / Provides about 360 Rides

Platinum Sponsors – $1,000 / Provides about 72 Drives

Marlene Bohn

Judy and David Cossette

Don Burroughs

Ken Gilmour

Charles Kirk

Soosie Stuart

Gold Sponsors – $500 / Provides about 36 Drives

Rose Corruzzi and Family

Len Cake

Barbara Cox

Lynn Lamont

Clarence Massie

Lee McKay

E. Averil Thompson

Silver Sponsors – $250 / Provides about 18 Drives

Len Cake

Barbara Cox

Carol Dillon

Drive for Cancer

Gertrude Erhard Fichtner

Bill and Marilyn Gunson

L Stephanie McCaw. Lowrey

William Pangborn

Sharon & Dave Ralph

Carmelo Saieva

Rose Sands

Bernie Stout

Alfred Tranker

Jennie Vaillant

Bronze Sponsors – $125 / Provides about 9 Drives

Iris Berryman

Gale Blais

Gord Bowes

Gary Campbell

Kenneth Carey

Willie and Robert Cowin

William and Susan Dell

Jean Greathead

Ron Lishman

Marlene Loke

Hamilton Police Retirees

Stella Priest

David Lockhart

Violet Smith

Carolyn Spearing

Darlene Vlliant

Lillian Whitehouse

Roger Yachetti

John and Donna Young

John Zahara

 Patron Sponsors – $50 / Provides about 3 Drives

Jill Ackerman

Penny Adriaanse

Virginia Allega-DiSanza

Sylvia Battersby

Barbara Bell

Sheila Bharath

Rose Ann Blaschuk

Umberto Castaldi

Connie Boncori

Joyce Boon

Antonio Bozzo

Jean Brookings

Doreen Jo Brwon

Marjorie Carnegie

Abha Chakrabuitly

Joyce Dalgetty

Mary and Bill Darby

W. Davidson

Valerio DeMarinis

Maria Distefano

Bruce Elwood

Carmel Farrugia

Wendy Fries

Stephanie Gabel

Douglas Grieve

Anoopk and Neetu Gupta

Terry Hendershot

Darlene Hopkins

Balbir Jain

Myrna James

Joseph Mahoney

Barbara Martin

Maria Matsis

Jo-Anne Melnyk

Debbie & Tom Milani

Angela Nicol

Clara Pagliari

Manav Puree

Neha and Gaurav Puree

Kawal Puri

David Quinton

Alice Rainbow

Bob Siegel

Joginder Singh

Denise and Colin Smith

Cecile Spencer

John Stronks

Margaret Sutherland

Wuchow Than

Brenda Triggerson

Vivian Truesdale

Don Vallee

Olita Vattay

Norm Watson

Mike Wilcox

*Identified sponsors have contributed to the Drive & Ride program in the last 12 months.